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Wednesday, March 01, 2017
com·pen·sa·tion    [ kom-puh n-sey-shuh n]–noun
something given or received as an equivalent for services
The average mega church employs 125 people and spends approximately $6,000,000 annually on compensation - half their annual budget! Isn't it worth investing a small fraction of that budget to ensure compensation dollars are spent wisely?
Now more than ever, organizations need to ensure their compensation programs are fair, efficient and relevant. Current economic conditions are impacting churches in seemingly greater ways than for-profit organizations, as the need for ministry services and support is increasing.
In Matthew, Jesus told his disciples "the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few".  He also said they should ask God to send workers into His harvest field and later commanded them not to provide for themselves - for "the worker is worth his wages". It's clear  those called to ministry earn their wages and should be compensated fairly and appropriately.  But, what exactly does that mean to the modern-day church? And, how can church leadership make informed and strategic decisions regarding pay during this difficult time - while still fulfilling the Great Commission?
Church Compensation Services has the tools uniquely developed to help large and growing churches with their compensation programs. For as little as $495 you can find out what other churches are doing and own the necessary tools to help you manage your compensation costs effectively. 
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Purchase the 2016 MegaChurch Compensation Report to learn what other churches are doing to manage compensation costs and still achieve their mission. Participate in the 2016 MegaChurch Compensation Survey to receive substantial discounts!
Church Compensation Services has developed Customized Salary Structures covering all positions in the MegaChurch Compensation Survey — from Child Care Worker to Senior Pastor. They are customized for large churches, reflect the cost of salaries in your local geographic area, and are specific to the following annual operating budget ranges:
Less than $5.0M
$5.0M > $7.5M
7.5M > $12.0M
$12.0M > $18.5
Greater than $18.5M
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